Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Small Business Council?

The NW CT Chamber Of Commerce Small Business Council will be more of an investment in your professional growth than and investment in your business; however, your business will reap the benefits of you becoming a better business leader and innovator.

The help, support and encouragement of fellow members can help you see solutions to your problems in a different light.  Sharing of ideas can also give you an entirely new perspective on your business and person goals. 

Do I have to be a NW CT Chamber Of Commerce member to join the Small Business Council?

You are welcome to attend a meeting of the Small Business Council without being a member of the NW CT Chamber to see if this group would be beneficial for you and your business. However, if you decide that you would like to join the group and become an active participant, then you would need to join the NW CT Chamber which will also give you many other benefits of belonging to this great organization.

Will this group give me more sales/business?

The goal of this group is to you make you a more successful business leader and entrepreneur by giving you advice, ideas and a support team who wants to you be successful.  This in turn will help you improve your business overall.  Though it is possible for other members to give you leads and share your business with their friends and family, it is NOT the goal of this group.  This group is dedicated to improving you as a business owner/manager through the sharing of ideas and through member support of one another. 

What is the time commitment that I need to dedicate to this group?

At the very least, we will meet as a collective group once a month for about 90 minutes.  However, as with anything in life, the more you put in, the more you get out.  We would like to see each member being active online via our website forum and Facebook group to offer and receive help and ideas from other members.

What is expected of me at each meeting?

At the beginning of each meeting, you would be asked to say your name and business and talk about one major thing that you are struggling with or need help on as well as discuss one positive thing that has happened in your business independent of or as a result of this group.   You have no reason to be shy and should feel comfortable with the fact that you are in a group with individuals that have the same types of challenges that you do.  The goal of the group is to help each other and hold one another accountable to take actions to improve each others businesses. 

How formal will the meetings be?

This is a group of small business owners and managers, not the board of directors for a fortune 500 company.  The meetings will be very informal and inviting and everyone is encouraged to speak and share ideas.  Dress will be casual – wear whatever it is you wear when you work at your business. 

What do I need to bring to each meeting?

Just bring yourself along with a willingness to share your problems, successes and ideas with other members of the group.  You should also be willing to offer advice, ideas and help to other members in need.   I would suggest bringing a pen and note pad to take notes as well as some business cards to share with other members. 

Will the group have special meetings or guest speakers?

As the group begins to grow, it would be nice to have an occasionally guest speaker to talk about a specific topic as it relates to everyone’s business.  We might also have a special meeting, perhaps at night, that is specific to one particular topic – a Mastermind meeting with a goal to work through one particular idea, problem or solution.  These are ideas that we can discuss as time goes on and proceed with if the group as a collective whole is in favor.