Attracting New Customers – Subconsciously

Have you ever bought a new car and then realize that ever other car on the road is the same type/model that you bought? Or maybe you are wanting to start a family and every where you go, you noticed people with babies? We all have, but why? You can thank your subconscious mind for that.

Your subconscious mind is a very powerful computer that is working day and night – even when you sleep. It does all the heavy lifting as we journey through life while your conscious mind is managing things that are right in front of you, like what you want for lunch or what color paint is going to work best in your bedroom. Whereas your subconscious mind is taking care of things like remembering how to type on a keyboard, how to find your way to the bathroom and reminding you that you like chocolate and not vanilla ice cream. Have you ever been driving down the road and you somehow lost a block of time? Maybe you were deep in thought about something but when you snap back and realize you are driving a car, that you actually traveled 10 exits but can’t remember how? Your subconscious mind is making sure that you get where you are going without you consciously having to think about every detail of driving.

So what does this have to do with getting new customers?

In the same way you notice a car on the road only after you purchase one, our brains are programmed to pay close attention to things that relate or affect us and filter out all the noise of things that do not. If you run a sale at your pet food store and have a large poster on the window – 75% off all dog food. While this is an amazing deal and you think to yourself, “how can people NOT take me up on such a great offer?”. If I do not own a dog, then I am most likely never going to notice the sign. However, if I just got a new puppy or my dog is a bigger part of my life than my kids or my wife, then I will most surely notice anything that is dog related – simply because my brain is receptive to information regarding dogs.

Fish Where The Fish Are

I was sitting at a local restaurant this week for lunch and they were dead. I was talking to the manager and she was saying how she would like to figure out a way to appeal to an older audience – that the establishment is better known for catering to a younger crowd. I asked her where she advertised and she was not very big on Facebook – that they did do some posts on Instagram. Well, statistically Instagram is used by a predominantly younger crowd, it would probably not be my first choice to try and draw in an older crowd. Facebook, however, has a wider age range of users and tends to be frequented by people who are in their 20’s and older, with a large audience that would be considered middle age. Even seniors are making a huge dent in the Facebook demographics.

She said that maybe they could start posting more pics on Facebook and that maybe I had a point. But the conversation needed to go a little further. What are you going to post on Facebook? Think about who you are trying to attract. There is an old saying, “choose the bait to suit the fish”. So if you want to attract an older crowd, then I would put two people in their 50’s at a corner table, give them both a glass of wine and have them toast their glasses as you snap a photo of them smiling. Or I would post groups of people in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s smiling and laughing in the establishment. Let me ask you a question… Who do you think will notice, as they are scrolling through Facebook, photos of people in their 50’s enjoying a nice night out at the restaurant? A teenager? A twenty-year old? Or perhaps someone in their 50’s who loves to go our with their significant other for a nice meal and some laughs?

That photo, without any words, tells a complete story to someones subconscious mind. Why? Because they are in their 50’s and their mind is programmed to be receptive of anything that could appeal to that person based on their age.

Ready, Aim, Fire

The next time you are thinking of ways to attract new customers to your business, be sure you are very clear on who your “target” is. Try to develop part of your marketing plan to appeal to that customer’s subconscious mind rather than their conscious one. Market by association and remember that just because an ad concept appeals to you, if you are not your “target” customer, then there a good chance that you may accidentally attract more people like yourself and miss your target completely.

If you are out deer hunting and you see a black bear, squirrel or turkey run buy you, you don’t (or shouldn’t) shoot it – it was not your target. Define your target customer. Aim your advertising, photos, copy, illustrations and offers at that target, and then fire off your marketing campaign.

Aiming for the subconscious is a very powerful way to market and something that very few people think about. So the next time you notice that coach purse that you just purchased being carried by another woman, or hear nothing but noise on the radio until the Red Sox scores are mentioned or you finally hear that water well service company ad that plays on the radio every single morning, because you woke up to no water pressure – thank your subconscious mind and remember that the same reaction will be had by your target customers from your marketing.

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